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It is of little concern to our customers, now and in the future, how well we are organized, how good we are at cutting costs and reducing waste, or how many problems we have solved or how many we still have to deal with. Or how good we have been meeting their needs up to now.

Our customers are only concerned about a few simple things regarding our products and services:

  • What impact the products have on the customers’ private and professional life.
  • What value the products have from their point of view
  • .

  • What meaning the products have for them
  • .

  • Whether the products are perceived as unique and distinct  on the market.
  • If the products are available when they need them.
  • How much the products cost and whether or not the advantages to be gained are worth that price
  • .

To thrive in a context where the amount of products and services from all over the world is increasing dramatically, often causing dramatic drops in prices, we must become effective in introducing innovative, high-impact products and services before our competitors do.


Attainable advantages:

  • Building innovative, high-impact systems of people-products-processes capable of providing a sustainable and lasting competitive advantage.
  • Increase in revenues resulting from innovative products/services
  • .

  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • Increased creativity within the company as well as the quantity and quality of the ideas generated.
  • Increased  ability to transform these ideas into successful products and services.
  • Reducing time-to-market.
  • Reducing development costs and new product costs.

Implementing the Impact Innovation framework in a company is built on three axes:

–>Implementing the Impact Innovation framework in a company is built on three axes:

  • Training & skills development
    • Executive Master – An intensive, high-impact, experience-based training course with testimonials from international experts.
    • Innovation assessment for evaluating the current organisation, processes, and innovation strategies.
    • Identifying training priorities based on recognised skill gaps.
    • Planning journeys structured as training courses within the company targeted at people involved in the innovation processes.
    • Delivering high-impact training journeys with the implementation of the Lenovys Training in Action (LTA) system.
    • Identifying key people for innovation in the company.
    • Creation, development and mentoring of Innovation Agents to support innovation in the company.
  • Consulting & Projects
    • Defining corporate targets in terms of multi-year strategic plans, innovation strategies, creating new ideas, anticipating impact on the market, time and cost of developing and launching new products/services.
    • Current state analysis: organisation, processes, strategies, current product/service analysis, competitive benchmarking, tools, skills.
    • Collaborative development of solutions to be achieved in order to reach corporate targets and defining the dashboard to track the results.
    • Accompanying the client in the field until the desired results are achieved and consolidated.
  • Executive Master in Impact Innovation








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