Habit for Excellence

An advanced business and managerial training program focused on acquiring the most advanced change & habit Management skills, leading to sustainable high performance for yourself, your team and your business.

Limited enrolment restricted to Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Senior Managers who have completed the:

  • Executive Master in Lean Lifestyle
  • A Lean Lifestyle Consultancy and training course
  • The digital Lean Lifestyle® Academy course


  •  Acquire the most efficient and sustainable personal and organisational habits in order to attain, and maintain over time, maximum productivity for both individuals and teams.
  • Acquire the most effective and sustainable habits in order to achieve the best possible growth for your team, to enhance their full potential and to create effective relationships in the company.
  • Acquire the most efficient and sustainable habits for developing incisive business strategies, and learn how to change them quickly and flexibly.
  •  Turn all participants into leaders in the application of Lean Lifestyle principles within your business and in short- and long-term change management for both the individuals themselves and their team


The course is addressed on four levels of experience-based teaching designed for the best managerial education:


  • Three two-day residential courses (Friday and Saturday)

Habits for Extreme Productivity (19-20 January 2018)

Habits for team growth (13-14 April 2018)

Habits to grow your business (6-7 July 2018)

  • 3 individual/corporate work projects
  • 3 mentoring sessions with senior Lenovys consultants at the venue
  • 3 interactive follow-up webinars lasting 2 hours led by Luciano Attolico



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