7 reasons why you shouldn’t leave your valuables on the shelf

In the three-year period 2017-19, the group has forecast around 25 million Euros of investment on equipment and machinery while the number of employees in these years is expected to increase (from 607 in 2015, 700 in 2016, and is currently in excess of 760 in 2017).

The value of people and their well-being is at the centre of a growing business and Paolo Streparava also reaffirms his firm belief in this philosophy during the closing of his speech, clarifying his thoughts about the so-called “Industry 4.0”: a wave to ride, an opportunity to be grasped that should not, however, be seen as the only driver of results, perhaps not the first or even the most important to implement. A bit like saying that value and people are more important than the tools themselves.

Industry 4.0 will not take us to the moon! Let’s not be fooled by the 4.0 slogan otherwise we risk falling into the same traps as always! So if people ask me: do you want to have the best company in the world using 4.0 or the best of Europe using Lean, I would reply without a seconds hesitation that it would be enough for me to be the best in Italy at applying Lean“.


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